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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yellow Roses Bridal Bouquet

Yellow is the color of happiness and joy, it is the color of sunshine and warmth. The color yellow shines with light and optimism and is the color of hope.

Yellow roses come in a variety of wonderful hues from soft butter yellow to bright deep yellows.

You can go for a monochrome bouquet made up of bright yellow roses of the exact same hue:

Bright canary yellow bridal bouquet.

Soft yellow rose bouquet:

Different soft yellow hues, some roses are tighter and some have bloomed further creating a gorgeous texture. Add a few small white flowers and buds for interest. A very romantic wedding bouquet:

Simple but striking bridal bouquet containing soft yellow, bright yellow and slightly yellow/orange roses:

Soft butter yellow roses, almost white but with a slight hint or yellow:

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