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Sunday, April 11, 2010

White Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquet

If you would like a bouquet that is simple elegant and stylish for your wedding day you can consider using the beautiful white calla lilies. This flower is very appropriate for a church wedding as white calla lilies look pure and traditional.

This wonderful flower is great because it has no thorns or sharp edges so will not ruin your wedding dress as you carry it around throughout the day.

Thanks to the calla lilies long stem you are guaranteed that this flower will remain looking fresh through out the entire day and well into the evening.

If you are having a summer or spring wedding then you will definitely save money on your bouquet as calla lilies are in season during this time!

White Calla Lilies Wedding Bouquet Pictures for Inspiration:

White calla lilies bouquet mixed with smaller white flowers and a few white roses:

A few large calla lilies, simple yet elegant wedding bouquet:

Gorgeous white calla lilies wedding bouquet with green foliage:

A few large calla lilies with smaller white/green flowers at the base:

Pure white and traditional calla lilies wedding bouquet wrapped in white satin ribbon:

An assortment of different white flowers including calla lilies, white roses and baby's breath:

A gorgeous full calla lilies wedding bouquet:

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