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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anemone Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Anemones are a beautiful romantic flower that work well with a vintage or modern style wedding.

Anemone is a Greek work meaning Wind Flower because the wind that blows the petals of the flower open eventually blows the dead petals away, a romantic concept!

The anemone comes in various different colors with the romantic white flower with the dark ringed heart being a favourite for weddings.

Anemone bridal bouquets can complete your elegant and classic wedding look.

The rarer white anemone with the green yellow center.

A romantic and vintage style anemone bridal bouquet with pastel green foliage.

White, pink and yellow anemones together create a soft romantic wedding bouquet.

Strong black and white color combination of anemone bridal bouquets.

Black ribbons are a great combination with this gorgeous flower!

Anemone bouquet with black satin ribbon.

Beautiful anemone bouquet.

Cool anemone bridal bouquet.

Anemone and berries bouquet.

And some gorgeous table center pieces with the lovely anemones as the main feature.

For a bit of a different take yo can try a lovely bridal bouquet with anemones mixed in with white calla lilies, roses and pink orchids.

Click here for some example of Anemone Wedding Cake Pictures to match these bridal bouquets!


  1. These are so lovely. Anemones are delicate looking flowers, so romantic and stylish. I am definitely considering these, I still have 8 months to go til my special day but I can't stop thinking about it! lol

  2. I love anemones because they are so rare. I tell people I'm having them for my wedding and they have never heard of them! Thank you for all the bouquet ideas I love them!