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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Purple and Green Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets inspiration for a purple and green color theme.

Soft purple roses mixed with white and green flowers creating a stunning bridal bouquet.

A gorgeous hand tied arrangement of different shades of purple flowers with the green stems showing and some green foliage filler.

Hand tied bridal bouquet of purple tulips and calla lilies with a few green leaves for accent.

Green orchids bouquet with purple centers!

Lovely purple roses bridal bouquet with lime green tuberoses and hydrangea.

Beautiful and fresh green and purple wedding bouquet.

Three lovely wedding bouquets in purple, green and white flowers.

A basket of purple and white hand tied tulips with green stems.

Click here to see some purple and green wedding cakes.


  1. Oh, this is soooo beautiful...especially the purple rose bouquet with lime green tuberoses and hydrangea!

  2. this arrangement is so beautiful and looks easy to put together.

  3. Lots of inspiring pics for brides on your blog.

    I'm a florist, and wondering if I'm right in thinking that the rose, tuberose and hydrangea bouquet is sugarcraft? Amazing if it is.

    Check me out at

  4. Where can you get the purple roses from. Have tried wholesalers in u.k. and they have never seen them before