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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Black Calla Lily Bouquet Pictures

The black calla lily is an elegant and striking flower with a deep color that dominates many flower arrangements. Although not really a true black flower but more of a dark burgundy or purple it still resembles a pure black.

A pure black calla lily bridal bouquet creates a modern and chic look.

A more purple toned calla lily makes a stunning bridal bouquet.

The black calla lily is rarer than the white calla lily making it more sought after by some brides, flower growers and flower enthusiasts.

The meaning of black calla lilies is elegance and mystery.

Although the black calla lily is considered to be a bit of taboo for bridal bouquets, daring brides will be sure to turn heads with this bold choice!

Black calla lilies look great for a bridesmaid bouquet, especially as it would create a lovely contrast with a bridal bouquet of a lighter shade!

Beautiful black calla lilies and parrot tulips make up this bridal bouquet.


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