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Monday, April 12, 2010

Pink Gerbera and Rose Wedding Bouquet

Nothing says fairytale romance more than pink gerbera and roses bouquet. Bright, colorful, happy and romantic wedding bouquets!

Pink Gerbera and Roses Wedding Bouquet Inspirations:

Hot pink gerbera matched with hot pink roses of the same hue

Hot pink gerberas with contrasting white roses, a mixture of purity innocence and romance

Different hue gerbera daisies and light pink roses wedding bouquet

Dark pink gerberas with medium pink roses wedding bouquet

Dark pink gerbera with even darker pink roses for a stunning and striking bridal bouquet

Light pink gerbera with dark pink roses wedding bouquet

Antique light pink gerberas with white roses

Light pink roses and gerberas mixed with various other flowers for a soft and delicate bridal bouquet

Bright pink gerberas mixed with muted lilac roses

Hot pink Gerbera, pearls and foliage hand tied bouquet.


  1. This is what I have been searching for for my wedding, thanks

  2. Love the pink gerbera and roses bouquet!! I will get it for my wedding!!