Choosing Your Bouquet

Flowers are one of the main elements that help determine the color theme and style of your wedding. The perfect bouquet of flowers help reflect the emotions of the blossoming bride.

Following is some advice on how to choose the perfect flowers for your wedding bouquet.

Firstly, the most important question to ask yourself is: What are your colors? there are no hard and fast rules here, it is about what colors you envisage for your special day!

The second thing you should consider is your budget: What can you realistically afford? many times you can recreate an expensive bouquet by substituting with some cheaper flowers, you can rely on input from your florist for help with this so that you can create your ideal bouquet for a more reasonable price.

Once you have considered your budget and color choices it is a good idea to pick flowers which are in season. Buying in season flowers for your bouquet saves time and money as these flowers are readily available and need not be imported.

Lastly, consider your dress when choosing your bouquet. If you have an elaborate dress you will want to choose a simpler and smaller wedding bouquet that will not detract from the dress. If you have a simple dress you may want a bouquet with more color and flair.

The main thing is to choose a bouquet that speaks to you, something that you love, perhaps with your favorite colors or with flowers that hold a special meaning for you. Don't be afraid to take in pictures of what you like, don't allow a florist to decide on the flowers for you!

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