Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dark Pink Wedding Roses

Bright Pink Rose bridal bouquet.

The pink roses stems are wrapped in white satin ribbon and have rosary beads attached.

The bridesmaids bouquets in deep pink.

All the bouquets lined up in a row. The bridesmaids bouquets stems are wrapped in blue satin ribbon.

Lovely table center pieces made up of pink roses just like the brides bouquet.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

White Lisianthus and White Roses Bouquets

Bridal bouquets made up of white lisianthus and traditional white roses.

A lovely wedding bouquet with white lisianthus and white roses tied with white satin ribbon and a few well placed pearls.

White roses and white lisianthus wedding bouquet makes for a gorgeously textured white bouquet,

Lovely white wedding bouquet.

White roses and lisianthus bridal and smaller bridesmaids bouquets.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunflower Bouquets

Sunflowers are big bright and cheerful flowers. They range from soft yellow petals to an almost red color.
Sunflowers are beautiful and elegant flowers with their long stalks and big flower with radiating petals making the flower resemble the sun.

The sunflowers meaning is that of adoration and longevity!

Sunflower wedding bouquet with seeded eucalyptus.

Deep yellow large sunflowers bridal bouquet.

A sunflower and green foliage shower bouquet.

A bright and cheery sunflower posy, perfect for a bride or bridesmaids bouquet.

Small sunflowers and big green foliage hand tied bouquet.

A sunflower hand-tied posy.

A table centerpiece made up of many small sunflowers.

Hand-tied sunflower bouquet.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Red Orchids and Calla Lilies Bouquet

Red is the color associated with love and passion. For something different to the traditional red roses consider a bouquet made up of red calla lilies and red cymbidium orchids, for an exotic and decadent wedding bouquet that is sure to turn heads and make an impact.

Dark burgundy calla lilies with dark red cymbidium orchids.

Plum orchids bridesmaid bouquets.

Burgundy calla lilies surrounded by red orchids.

Red bridesmaid bouquets, each bridesmaid has a different flower, tulips, calla lilies and orchids.

Plum cymbidium orchids mixed with small plum calla lilies accented by a plum organza partial stem wrap bridal bouquet.

Red orchids and mauve calla lilies bouquet.

Red roses, calla lilies and re orchids cascading wedding bouquet.

Gorgeous table centerpieces with red flowers including red orchids!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Green Orchids Wedding Bouquets

Green orchids (a.k.a boat orchids and formally known as Cymbidium) are organic, exotic and lush looking flowers that make a gorgeous bridal or and bridesmaid bouquet. The meaning of the Cymbidium is refinement, love and beauty.

Bridal bouquet made up entirely of green orchids with a dark burgundy and white accented center.

Lush green wedding bouquets.

Green orchids with green roses and white satin ribbon.

Lovely unique brides bouquet made up of green orchids.

Simple green orchids floral bouquet.

Green orchids with locket bouquet.

Stunning green orchid bouquet with a few fine white feathers at the base.


Lush green Cymbidium bridal bouquet.

Green orchids bouquet with gorgeous red and white centers.

Green orchids, spidermums and green foliage bridesmaid bouquet.

Light green orchids wedding bouquet.

Wedding party flower bouquets made up of lovely green orchids.

Elegant green wedding bouquet.

Simple green orchids bridal bouquet with longer stems than usual wound up with gold ribbon.

Green Orchids with dark centers brides bouquet.

Make a statement with this simple yet elegant green orchids wedding bouquet.

Green orchids contrast perfectly with dark plum colored bridesmaid dresses.

Green orchids a delicate and elegant looking table center piece.

Flower girl with a basket made of bamboo and a single green orchid.

Green orchid wedding

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