Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Yellow Orchid Bouquets

Orchids are a unique flower that represent rare and delicate beauty. The yellow orchids captures the sun and displays a cheerful joyful beauty and is a great addition to any yellow themed wedding bouquet.

Stunning bouquet of small yellow and orange orchids.

Lovely yellow orchids with white calla lilies and black ribbon.

Yellow calla, yellow orchids and white and pink orchid bridal bouquet.

A beautiful wedding bouquet made up of soft yellow orchids and bright yellow roses.

Mango calla lily bridal bouquet with yellow orchids.

Simple and elegant yellow cymbidium bouquet.

Yellow and white orchids with pale pink roses bridal bouquet.

Lovely yellow orchid and white roses bridal bouquet.

Beautiful cascading bouquet in yellow and gold Hawaiian orchids.

Yellow orchids bridesmaid bouquets are bright and cheery and contrast nicely with the dark orange bridesmaids dresses.

Stunning yellow orchid bridesmaid bouquet.

Gorgeous simple yellow orchid bouquet.

Yellow and white wedding bouquet idea with yellow orchids.

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Blue Orchid Bouquets

Blue orchid flowers in nature include the blue dendrobium, blue coerulescens and blue coerulea. Blue orchids have been very rare in the past but this has changed with hybridization. Today you can easily select a blue orchid as the prime flower for your wedding bouquet.

Blue orchids symbolize peace and strength.

Have a look at some more example of blue bouquets if blue is your wedding color here: Blue Bouquets

A cascading blue themed bridal bouquet with Dark Blue Dendrobium Orchids, Beargrass and Seeded Eucalyptus.

Gorgeous generous blue orchid bouquet that will contrast beautifully with your white wedding dress.

Blue orchids and white roses bridal bouquet.

White lilies and dendrobium orchids. The blue orchids in these bridal and bridesmaids bouquets really stand out!

A lovely cascading bouquet of blue dendrobium orchids, real touch cymbidium and vanda orchids, buds and greenery.

Blue orchids and whit roses nosegay.

Blue orchid and pink oriental lily teardrop wedding bouquet.

Beautiful Lilies and White and blue orchids in a cascading bouquet.

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Red Roses Bridal Bouquets

Roses are the most popular flowers in the world with the red rose being the leading lady and a recognized symbol of love all over the world.