Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Purple Lilac Wedding Bouquet

Purple lilacs create a truly lovely bridal bouquet with a touch of elegance, romance and whimsy. In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love. Lilacs are best for a springtime wedding as they flower briefly at the beginning of spring.

Purple lilacs contrast beautifully with white wedding gowns.


Lilac for that romantic and nostalgic feel.

A gorgeous purple wedding bouquet from Martha Stewart including sweet peas and tumbling lilacs, ranging from deep purple to almost pink, suggest romance. Tucked in between are more sweet peas in creamy whites, plus lamb's ear, oregano blossoms, and lisianthus. Two-tone ribbon binds the stems.

Elegant lilacs wedding bouquet inspiration for a purple themed wedding.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Purple Tulips Bouquet Ideas

This bridal bouquet was made of dark purple Queen of the Night tulips with ivy berry and her Maid of Honour carried a mixed bouquet of blue Hyacinth, lavender Freesias, Queen of the Night tulips with a feature of fresh lime pieces and a touch of red hypericum.
A classic bouquet of purple tulips, which open to beautiful dark lilac tones. Camellia foliage weaved throughout the bouquet and around the base gives the bouquet a fresh springtime feel.
Stunning Queen of the Night Tulips in deep dark purple.

Orange Calla and Other Bouquet

Stunning and exotic orange and pink bouquet bouquet ideas perfect for a hot summer wedding.

Orange tulips, orange mini calla lilies, orange catalaya orchids, pink vanda orchids. Tables a mix of extotic and unsual ornage flowers along with orange tulips, lilies and orchids.

Source for two images above

Above two images source

White and Pink Tulips

Beautiful wedding bouquets featuring white and pink tulips!

Bridal and flower girl bouquets made of mixed pink and white tulips.

Bridal bouquet made from light pink and white tulips.

Bride with white tulips tied with satin ribbon and bridesmaids hold light pink tulips in contrast.

Two more lovely pink and whit tulips tied with a satin ribbon.

White Calla Lily Bouquets

White Calla Lilies are a beautiful choice for wedding flowers, they make a lovely bridal bouquet. White calla lilies come in different sizes and with slight hues in different colors like yellow, green and pink. They make a gorgeous color and flower choice for the traditional bride.

  • Meaning: Magnificent beauty
  • Best For: Bouquets and arrangements
  • Scent: Lightly fragrant
  • In Season: Spring and summer
  • Floral Fact: This large tropical flower is very popular in weddings.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lavender and White Bouquets

Lavender and white wedding bouquet ideas and inspiration for your big day.
A bridal bouquet made up of lavender roses, two-toned calla lilies, and hydrangeas.

Wedding bouquet for the bride made of lavender roses, purple lisianthus, and white alstromeria with magnolia leaves.

Lavender, purple, light pink, and white Lilacs accented with assorted types of Eucalyptus, and finished off with a soft, sheer white ribbon wrap.

Lavender roses and white roses matched togehter to create a perfectly elegant bridal bouquet.

Romantic and beautiful wedding bouquet made of dark purple callas, white mini callas with a purple center, green roses, green hydrangea, lavender phlox, and lavender freesia. The stem is wrapped in stunning lavender satin.

Dark purple lilac, white peonies, light purple sweet peas, purple freesia and purple lavender.

Bouquet of roses, tulips, hydrangea, and orchids.

Pink Carnation Bouquets

Gorgeous wedding bouquets made up of lovely pink carnations. The first two examples include pink, white and baby pink carnations.


A beautiful bridal bouquet with pink carnations and green foliage.

An all pink carnation bouquet of the same hue.

A bridal party with the bridesmaids holding lovely pink carnation bouquets.