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Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Wedding Bouquets

A beautiful selection of green wedding bouquets from Martha Stewart Weddings.
This assembly of flowers in shades of green attains its fanlike silhouette through the use of wired gladioli and santini mums.

Think about going green (and we don't mean with an all-bamboo bouquet). This fresh-as-cut-grass combo of lady's slipper orchids, hellebores, viburnum, gladiolus, and parrot tulips has a decidedly sophisticated vibe. Try attaching a tiny handmade fan to the handle with a hatpin; its pleats echo the blooms' frilly petals.

From a distance, this bouquet of viburnum and a Queen Anne's lace look-alike appears to be a bunch of soft, puffed snowballs; a close look reveals tiny blooms.

For this bride's bouquet, Antony Todd made an unusual sculptural arrangement of chartreuse lady slipper orchids.

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