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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

White Carnation Bouquets

Today we are looking at a cheaper yet beautiful option for your wedding bouquet. In keeping with the traditionally white bouquet let's consider a bouquet made up almost exclusively of white carnations!

Let's take a look at the meaning of the white carnation:

White Carnations are both simple and sophisticated. These lovely flowers stand for purity, love, faithfulness and good luck. Grown for over 2000 years, the white carnations are known for their exquisite ornamental use. A white carnation bouquet is a perfect gift for one’s mother, it’s a perfect bride’s bouquet and it is considered to have a divine beauty in garlands.

A tight posy of pure white carnations with lily grass surronding the bouquet.

Pure white carnation bridesmaids bouquets provide a gorgeous contrast to the brides salmon colored bridemaid's bouquet.

A simple bouquet made of carnations.
Stunning white carnation bouquet with a diamante heart.
White Carnations and Lily Grass Orbs - Brides maids bouquets created using white carnations and loops of lily grass.
Jazz up your bouquet with a broach and a string of pearls!

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