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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

White Phalaenopsis Orchids Bouquet Ideas

Exotic white Phalaenopsis orchid bouquets are exquisite, delicate flowers whose meanings are rooted in strength, luxury, beauty and most importantly love. Following are some gorgeous Phalaenopsis orchids bouquets for your delight and to inspire you for your wedding day!

White Phalaenopsis  orchids with delicate yellow centers look amazing teamed up with green leaves for a beautiful white and green bridal bouquet.
A stunning bridal bouquet of large cascading white orchids.

Jodie McGregor Flowers
A hand tied round bouquet made up of Phalaenopsis orchids in white with a yellow center.

Rhonda Patton Weddings
A falling cascade of white orchids!

La Piccola Selva lake Orta florist

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