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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lavender Wedding Bouquets

Lavender are flowers that come in an array of beautiful shades of purple. The color purple suggests refinement along with grace, elegance, and something special.

Lavenders are a symbol of devotion.

Lavender has been used for centuries in the area of love, used to scent love letters, or used as a perfume to attract the opposite sex. Back in the Renaissance days lavender would be combined with rosemary and used to secure the chastity of a woman.

Bridal lavender bouquet dressed with vintage velvet ribbon.

A bouquet of stemmed lavender tied with a blue satin bow.

A creamy colored satin bow ties together this gorgeous and simple lavender bouquet.

Lavender can easily be used as the main bouquet for the bride and bridesmaids. Tie the bouquet together with different colored wide satin ribbon.

A lavender bridal bouquet wrapped in crisp linen.

Dried Lavender bouquets are the perfect flower for a low key, romantic country wedding!


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