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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Muscari Bouquet Ideas

Muscari flowers are a genus of between 30 to 40 species (although only 4 to 5 of these species are widely available in the market).These perennial flowers, which are commonly referred to as grape hyacinths, are members of the family hyacinthaceae.

Muscari Flower Meaning:

Deep blue hues are commonly associated with power and confidence – and so this shade of muscari may be given to someone coming into their own, or assuming a job with a lot of responsibility; while the deep purple shades can represent mystery, calm and creativity. This hue might be presented to an artistic individual – who will also be likely to truly appreciate the unique appearance of the flower itself.

Following are three beautiful bridal bouquets made exclusively out of Muscari flowers.

InStyle Weddings

You can combine the beautiful blue hues of the Muscari flowers with many other flowers to create a uniquely wonderful bouquet.

Hand-held Victorian bouquet, created by Florist Caroline Tomassi, features vendela roses, porcellana mini roses, and blue muscari scattered throughout green pittosporum accent foliage.

Muscari surrounded by "Cool Water" roses and accented with seeded euclyptus.

A cluster of light blue hydrangea, mixed with both light and dark blue delphinium, blue muscari, and blue eryngium, also known as thistle.


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  1. I love your page, I am actually the designer who designed the bouquet with the Butterfly brooch in it ( the lavender surrounded by cool water roses) I made it for the John Henry Wedding Styles book . Thanks for showing it !!

    Alex Torres AIFD CFD TMF