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Monday, August 16, 2010

Colorful Gerbera Wedding Bouquets

Bright and cheerful gerbera flowers. A multi colored wedding bouquet can be the perfect accessory to your gorgeous white wedding gown.

White, yellow, pink and orangey rusty red gerberas make up this stunning bridal bouquet.

Yellow, hot pink and fuchsia gerbera daisies mixed with orange lilies, a gorgeous bridesmaid bouquet.

Red, pink and white gerbera bouquet.

A rainbow of gerbera flowers in this simple, colorful and romantic bridal bouquet.

White, yellow, red and pink gerberas make up this stunning bridal bouquet.

Make a statement with this unique yellow and pink gerbera bouquet.

Gerbera daisy bouquet made up of a multitude of pink gerbera flowers of all different hues.

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